Best Prostate Massager

The Best Prostate Massager For Men's Health

Prostate massager product features

Prostate massager product features

As it was said on my main prostate massager review I consider this massager to be the best of all the similar devices. I already mentioned the positive factors of using this massager, what are the main areas of concern of a man’s health which could require its usage and what you can expect in sense of how fast and to what degree you may see the improvement of you health condition after you begin to use it.

Again you may decide to buy the massager form the producer at any time and than just click here, 30 days guarantee makes it worry free procedure.

Best Prostate massager

It comes with 3 massaging heads, it's like 3 different products

Now I would like to describe in more details what the main features of this prostate device are, and which kinds of massage you may perform with which massaging heads, and for different functions of the device are used for which areas of body.

Most of this information is taken from the company’s web site and I rely on their accuracy here, but positive effects definitely follow if you use it in the way it designed.

All three of massaging heads come as attaching straight angle extensions to the prostate massager. One of them is shorter and it is used only for external massage. When it’s assembled with the main device it is called External Prostate and Testicle Massager.

Applying external massage

External massage to pelvic floor and testicles areas

Prostate massager with external head

That's how it looks with external massaging head

External Prostate and Testicle Massager is used for, well, external massage. It is designed to improve semen quality and flow, to eliminate testicles pain to improve blood flow in prostate gland ,to improve urination flow without contracting massaging heads inside your body. It’s not only the attaching head you should use for the massage, but 2 active massaging pads located it sides of main device. It helps to improve chronically i inflamed prostate gland or seminal vesicles.

The massage is usually consists of applying it before going
for about 2 minutes to pelvic floor and for about 30 seconds to testicles area. People evidence that results are visible in 5-7 weeks. After the improvement you have to keep massaging at least twice a week. These two active massaging pads provide very strong sonic signal with up to 40,000 micro vibrations per minute (flat waves). This particular function of the massager is designed for for external and internal prostate and hemorrhoid massage. They also mention that limited controlled pressure to pelvic floor area required during the procedure.

massaging head for abacterial prostatitis treatment

Massager for prostate gland and abacterial prostatitis treatment

When you attach thesecond massaging head which is longer then the previous one the device performs functions of Internal Prostate Massager. The sonic waves generated are designed specifically for prostate gland massaging.
The massaging head of this kind is used for abacterial prostatitis treatment. The producer claims that the 90 degrees assembled massaging head will generate flat waves. Flat waves are non turbulent waves that are specially designed to prevent any possible damage to prostate gland, this is a main difference between sonic and regular vibrating massagers.

This results in fluids flow by creating permanent rotational waves movement around prostate gland. What are the instructions how to use it: You’ll have to insert massaging head in to anus full length using lubricant, keep massaging head straight inserted for about 15-20 sec. During this period anus muscles will relax, then you move massaging head in to prostate gland area for 60-120 sec, apply slight pressure  to prostate gland while moving massaging head in and out for 1-2 cm or 1 inch. You will normally see the results after about 5-10 sessions and they include normal urination, no pelvic pain, normal prostate gland functionality, and improved sexual life.

Massager for Lower Colon and Prostate Gland

Lower Colon and Prostate Gland Massager

The third massaging head which looks like the second one is optional and designed for people with special needs and can be ordered upon request. It is also long one but it has somewhat bigger end and middle part. When you attach this extention to the main device it whould be called Lower Colon and Prostate Gland Massager. The manufacturer claims that it’s one of most important preventive tools against lower colon cancer. It is designed to be able to reach lower colon area which is located on the opposite side from prostate gland.

So to perform massage you should do it somewhat similar to previous technique. They describe it to be like this: Insert massaging head into anus using lubricant, keep massaging head inserted for 15-20 sec. During this period of time anus muscles will relax, then you move massaging head in to lower colon area for about 60-120 sec. It will improve lower colon muscles condition and it will keep lower colon open to allow better gases circulation.  It is still Ok to use as it prostate massager in the same session. All you have to do is to move it down in to prostate gland area and keep massaging prostate gland for about 60 sec. You should see the results after 10-15 sessions and symptoms like pain in anus or lower colon area should be gone and conditions like normal urination, normal stool, reduction of gases should be noticeable.
Tightness in the anal muscles has been found to be the cause of much unexplainable prostate and testicular pain so with this device it will be eliminated. Colon cancer is the third most common cancer diagnosed in the United States so even small reduction in this cancer cases numbers by all preventive measures possible is a big difference for many people.

It seems that this device can really be called the best prostate massager. As it’s described the use of it is not that sophisticated. The results become visible with proper scheduled application. The producer claims that a person should the results in not more then 10 – 15 sessions. This is less then the month of guarantee, so, it’s obviously not a loosing situation in any case. If you want to try it and see the positive results on your prostate health as many other people, order it now from the manufacturing company. Remember, it’s risk free anyway.

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